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Averette Ridge offers custom-crafted homes on spacious homesites of 1/3-acre and greater, conveniently located in Wake Forest/Rolesville, North Carolina -just off Jones Dairy Road between US 1 (Capital Blvd.) and HWY 401 North (Louisburg Rd.). Take 401 North until you get into downtown Rolesville. Turn left on W. Young Street, which turns into Averette Road. Then turn left on Jones Dairy Road and Averette Ridge is on the left.


We have 100's of custom plans to choose from. Below are a few of our plans starting at under $300K. Also, see our select plans below!


Plan 300

Plan 300 Front Elevation Plan 300 Floor 1Plan 300 Floor 2

Plan 301

Plan 301 Front Elevation Plan 301 Floor 1Plan 301 Floor 2Plan 301 Rear Elevation

Plan 302

Plan 302 Front Elevation Plan 302 Floor 1Plan 302 Floor 2

Plan 303

Plan 303 Front Elevation Plan 303 Floor 1Plan 303 Floor 2Plan 303 Rear Elevation

Plan 304

Plan 304 Front Elevation Plan 304 Floor 1Plan 304 Floor 2Plan 304 Rear Elevation

Plan 305

Plan 305 Front Elevation Plan 305 Floor 1Plan 305 Floor 2

Plan 306

Plan 306 Front Elevation Plan 306 Floor 1Plan 306 Floor 2

Plan 307

Plan 307 Front Elevation Plan 307 Floor 1Plan 307 Floor 2Plan 307 Rear Elevation

Plan 308

Plan 308 Front Elevation Plan 308 Floor 1Plan 308 Floor 2Plan 308 Rear Elevation

Plan 309

Plan 309 Front Elevation Plan 309 Floor 1Plan 309 Floor 2Plan 309 Rear Elevation

Plan 310

Plan 310 Front Elevation Plan 310 Floor 1Plan 310 Floor 2

Plan 311

Plan 311 Front Elevation Plan 311 Floor 1Plan 311 Floor 2

Plan 312

Plan 312 Front Elevation Plan 312 Floor 1Plan 312 Floor 2Plan 312 Rear Elevation


Plan 11

Plan 11 Front ElevationPlan 11 Floor 1Plan 11 Floor 2

Plan 31

Plan 31 Front ElevationPlan 31 Floor 1Plan 31 Floor 2Plan 31 Rear Elevation

Plan 32

Plan 32 Front ElevationPlan 32 Floor 1Plan 32 Floor 2Plan 32 Optional Bonus

Plan 39

Plan 39 Front ElevationPlan 39 Floor 1Plan 39 Floor 2 Plan 39 Rear Elevation

Plan 51

Plan 51 Front ElevationPlan 51 Floor 1Plan 51 Floor 2

Plan 56

Plan 56 Front ElevationPlan 56 Floor 1Plan 56 Floor 2

Plan 58

Plan 58 Front ElevationPlan 58 Floor 1Plan 58 Floor 2 Plan 58 Optional Bonus

Plan 59

Plan 59 Front ElevationPlan 59 Floor 1Plan 59 Floor 2

Plan 60

Plan 60 Front ElevationPlan 60 First FloorPlan 60 Optional Upper Floor

Plan 77

Plan 77 Front ElevationPlan 77 Floor 1Plan 77 Floor 2 Plan 77 Rear Elevation

Plan 80

Plan 80 Front Elevation Plan 80 Floor 1Plan 80 Floor 2

Plan 200

Plan 200 Front Elevation Plan 200 Floor 1Plan 200 Floor 2Plan 200 Other Elevations

Plan 201

Plan 201 Front Elevation Plan 201 Floor 1Plan 201 BonusPlan 201 Rear Elevation

Plan 202

Plan 202 Front Elevation Plan 202 Floor 1Plan 202 Floor 2Plan 202 Rear Elevation

Plan 203

Plan 203 Front Elevation Plan 203 Floor 1Plan 203 Floor 2

Plan 204

Plan 204 Front Elevation Plan 204 Floor 1Plan 204 Floor 2Plan 204 Rear Elevation

Plan 205

Plan 205 Front Elevation Plan 205 Floor 1Plan 205 Floor 2Plan 205 Rear Elevation

Plan 206

Plan 206 Front Elevation Plan 206 Floor 1Plan 206 Floor 2Plan 206 Rear Elevation

Plan 207

Plan 207 Front Elevation Plan 207 Floor 1Plan 207 Floor 2Plan 207 Rear Elevation

Plan 208

Plan 208 Front Elevation Plan 208 Floor 1Plan 208 Floor 2

Plan 209

Plan 209 Front Elevation Plan 209 Floor 1Plan 209 Floor 2Plan 209 Rear Elevation

Plan 210

Plan 210 Front Elevation Plan 210 Floor 1Plan 210 Floor 2Plan 210 Rear Elevation

Plan 211

Plan 211 Front Elevation Plan 211 Floor 1Plan 211 Floor 2Plan 211 Rear ElevationPlan 211 Basement

Presale Opportunities

There are many reasons to build a new home today. Interest rates, materials, and labor costs are the lowest they have been in years. When you build your own home, you have the ability to spend your money where it is important to you. This means you can design your home with amenities and features to meet your needs. You have the opportunity to choose the materials for your home, right down to every color.

Averette Ridge offers stunning homesites, including some basement and waterview lots. Our larger lot sizes, .33-.69 acre, will give you and your family the space you need. With walking trails that lead to the local elementary school and a clubhouse with swimming pool, Averette Ridge is a great place to live. We are conveniently located on Jones Dairy Rd., just minutes from I-540, 401, Route 1, and the new Gateway Commons Shopping Center.

Our award-winning Custom Home builders are excited to meet you. We have 100ís of plans to choose from or you can bring your own. Builders and plans are subject to approval by the developer. Plans are also subject to architectural requirements and approval by the Architectural Review Committee.

Building your own home can be a very rewarding experience. The joy and satisfaction of living in a home you designed is uniquely fulfilling. Let our Custom Home Builders help you build your new home today.

To see some of our select plans available for pre-sale, see the plans on our Available Plans Page.

More wealth is created when you buy at the bottom of a real estate cycle instead of at the top. The population in America continues to rise and with it the creation of new households with housing needs.

Our Custom Builders:

Spectrum Homes, Inc. - Lyle Gardner

Walker DesignBuild - Randy Walker

Prewitt Custom Homes - Jim Prewitt

PSC Homes, LLC - Richard Kolarov

Tingen Construction Co., Inc - Bill Tingen

Pinter Construction & Development - Andrew Pinter

Home Information

For more information about our homes & homesites:

Contact Andrew Pinter of AndRic Development, LLC

at (919) 669-1706

e-mail: pinter2830@bellsouth.net

Sales and Marketing

Pinter Construction & Development:

Andrew Pinter

P: 919-669-1706


Builder Team:

New Builders

For information on becoming a preferred builder or purchasing lots:

Contact Andrew Pinter of AndRic Development, LLC

at (919) 847-6321 or (919) 669-1706

e-mail: pinter2830@bellsouth.net


Convenient to everything, arrive at Averette Ridge via:

From I-540, take US 1 North/Capital Blvd. to HWY 98 Bypass East and continue for 3 miles, then turn right onto Jones Dairy Road - Averette Ridge is 2.25 miles ahead on right
From I-540, take US 401 North, turn left onto W. Young Street, then left onto Jones Dairy Road - Averette Ridge will be ahead on left

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